There’s something about Christine that immediately relaxes you. You’re instantly comfortable in her presence. Her kind, gentle, welcoming nature puts you at ease and we felt like we’d known her forever! That’s something that my husband and I really appreciated when we did a newborn shoot with our 3-week old little boy.  We’re both not entirely ‘natural’ in front of a camera, let alone with a tiny bub, and we couldn’t have felt more at ease. We requested a simple shoot and without having to explain what we meant, Christine got it. She captured genuine moments of all three of us – moments which we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. In the crazy haze of newborn life, where everything seems is a bit of a blur, our photographs are a beautiful reminder of the first weeks of his life. Thank you Christine, from the bottom of our hearts!


Christie Fynn Morgan . Tanzania

I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous photos! You are extremely talented and it was such a privilege to spend time with you!

Danielle De Villiers . South Africa

I really love you after this shoot! Can't believe that's me! Wow. Thank you so much. 

Christina Mallet . United States of America

We were blown away with the presentation, the images, and the prints are gorgeous! And certainly, better than anything we've ever received in New York!

Melaney Colette . New York City


the images are breath-taking – you’ve truly outdone yourself! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Robyn. Marketing. Avi Group

Thank you so much! We love the light, colours and composition of the images!

Margeaux Stofberg . South Africa