If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

My journey as a photographer was not planned, it was rather chance (and most likely a little luck!) that kicked off one of the best rides of my life. It all began in the late 90s where, at the age of fourteen, I met and was hired by Freda Elliot-Wilson to assist her on shoots. I spent weekends carrying heavy equipment bags, passing lenses and positioning the brides dresses for the perfect shot. Working for Freda was an incredible opportunity - by opening her business to me I had the privilege to learn very valuable lessons, not just about business, but also about life and working with people. Back then I simply knew that I loved being surrounded by brides and the beauty that weddings bring, funny enough, initially I never even took a single photo! Today I know that the time spent alongside Freda during those formative years greatly contributed to the foundation of the enthusiastic entrepreneur and photographer I am today.

All through high school I continued assisting Freda on weekends - behind the scenes I became known as ‘the-girl-with-the-camera’ at school, an environment within which I eagerly captured everything around me with my film camera. In 2003 I started studying towards a BA Visual Communications degree at Stellenbosch University - at this point the dream was to become a designer, a photographer or to work for a magazine. It was also in 2003 that I bought my first SLR digital camera. Being able to transfer photos directly from my camera to my computer was at that stage simply astounding - I found myself amidst a rapidly growing digital era and it would seem that I had boarded the bandwagon at just the right time. In 2005 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work for a photography studio in Germany. I was both amazed and blown away by what the photographers there were creating. Right there and then I realised that I wanted to be a photographer.

In 2007 I founded Christine Meintjes Photography. Fast forward a few years and I have shot over 350 weddings and travelled to more than 10 different countries for shoots. Photographing for clients has taken me to as far as Germany, Holland, the UK, Spain, Sweden, New York City, Canada, the Caribbean, Angola, Mozambique, Greece, Dubai and Thailand.


In October 2010 I was privileged to marry the man of my dreams, Iaan. I finally got first hand experience of all the stress, confusion and excitement that goes with getting married and it gave me new insights into what so many of my clients feel on their wedding day. Being the bride I can honestly say that it was one of the best days of my life!

If I had to pick only one bit of advice to give any bride-to-be, it would be to ensure that you have great service providers onboard and to relax and enjoy the day - it really goes by too quickly!

My journey as a photographer has been absolutely incredible. It's taken me to places I would only have dreamt to see and it has given me the honour of sharing wonderful stories of friends, family and at times, complete strangers. Amongst being a photographer, I'm also a passionate entrepreneur. In 2010, I founded the first wedding blog in South Africa, The Pretty Blog, which has since turned into an online lifestyle publication. I'm also proud to be one of the five Premium Ambassadors for Nikon Southern Africa.

Photographs courtesy of Julia Winkler & Nadia Meli.