Brenaissance Workshop #2

Growing a photography business can be a very daunting and lonely path to walk. It’s not like another business where you have colleague next to you or any other people who you can ask about any business related topics. Today we have Facebook and other online platforms, where we interact with other photographers, but nothing gets to a ‘real’ interaction with other people, who have the same passion as you. Meeting with real people. Talking about real issues and laughing about real stories, is what my workshops are about.

The workshop is a two day fun experience where we get into the ‘realness’ of running a photography business and deal with all the issues.

I share my experiences and also show photographers how I work with a ‘real’ couple. If you’re interested in signing up for my up and coming workshop in Holland and Johannesburg, please make sure you’re on the newsletter list for photographers. More dates being announced on Monday :)

And once again, thank you to all the lovely creatives for making this workshop possible!

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  1. Natalia Gubina March 30, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

    wow! can’t wait to participate))) it’s perfect and absolutely what I really want to shoot.

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