Life is a journey of constant learning.

I started working for a local wedding photographer at the age of 14. It took time, tears and lots of learning to get where I am today. Through the past 18 years, I've taken on every opportunity I could, to learn. During the years, I've built a few companies (some worked, some failed and some turned into brands, like The Pretty Blog).

With each experience and very risk I took, I learned a lot about myself, photography, business in general, brand building, marketing, content creation, social media, online business and I learned a ton about people!

The learning part, was the hardest. It's easy to do things that you've done before, but every new adventure or new chapter, requires us to learn new things. And the fact that the world is constantly evolving, means if we stop learning, we stagnate.

I offer workshops though the years, because I feel it's worth sharing my experiences with other entrepreneurs, people who work and who want to work in the world I work in. 

So if the above excites you, it will be worth signing up for my workshop newsletter below. As soon as a new course or workshop is annouced, I'll let you know. 


What others say

I loved this workshop, because it reminded me that I’m the force behind my brand...I feel very inspired after this, like a Vitamin B injection - ready to take on the industry.
— Jenni Elizabeth
Greatest investment ever!
— Janice . Namibia
Your workshop was an unforgettable experience!
— Aileen Borrajeiro
Your advice has been INVALUABLE to me starting up my business. Your generosity in sharing information has really fast-forwarded my knowledge of this business. Seriously. And one of the biggest helps.
— Anushe Low . London

Next Workshop

Christine Meintjes Signature Experience


This is a 3 days intense course and limited to 10 people per workshop. This workshop is a good idea for people who want to build a strong photographic business and brand.  

This workshops is a combination of the last 18 years of experience, packaged in a 3 days, where I share everything I've learned in building a photography business and brand. This workshop is very intimate and a great 'time out of real life', where you can rethink, rework and reprogram your mind about building a business. You'll be challenged and inspired to focus on what you need to change and develop to improve your photography business and take it to the level you desire it to be.

I will cover hands on photographic topics, as well as the business-behind-the-photography and how to make it work for you! 

My workshop will take you to a place where you are excited to move to new heights. If you want a quick fix, you should probably skip this one. But if you're ready to dig deep, get to know yourself, be honest and work really hard at your brand, this experience is for you.

Through my workshops I cover the following:

 - My story and what I've learned
- Who are you and how do you turn that into a brand
- How to market yourself to the right client
- Social media + marketing tips
- How to price yourself
- Workflow and time hacking tips

- Photography basics + the camera equipment I use
- Natural light and how I use it
- How I edit with Adobe Lightroom

Price R12 500 per person (bookings for the next one now open - see below)
The price does not include travel or accommodation, but it does include coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and a welcome dinner on the first night or all attendees. This workshop also includes a styled shoot.



Christine Meintjes Signature Experience: 19 - 21 September 2017
South Africa: Somerset West
 R12 500 per person

50% booking fee required to secure your seat. Only 10 seats available. 

For more information, please contact me.